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BSPECT is an online B2B bearing treade platform. As a professional reseller, we collect China’s bearing supply information as well as the global bearing demand information in all directions.

For buyers, we have strict BSPECT Rules to guarantee best service and high quality products. For sellers, we will help you to find wider trade market and proper partner. With BSPECT, all your problems in bearing trade, such as quality problems, uncontrollable production, delayed delivery etc., can be prevented or solved perfectly.


Our core advantages

1.   Platform for free

Registering, trading and checking information on BSPECT are totally free.

2. Production control

BSPECT suppliers are all ranked based on their production efficiency, quality control, services & previous performance, making your selection more efficient.

—From selecting raw material to assembling, BSPECT suppliers are required to submit quality reports for each production process. You can check your order’s process online anytime and anywhere.

3.   Inspection service

—BSPECT brings authoritative bearing quality inspection engineers, who will offer you the services of both factory and product inspection in your demand.

4.   Transparent price

—BSPECT unifies the price term as FOB Shanghai. In the meanwhile, the difference between quoted and traded price is also evaluated to guarantee the transparency and effectiveness of the price.

5.   Group buying

BSPECT provides group buying services with discount, meeting the demands of both suppliers and purchasers.