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Basic information
Hangzhou Trust Auto Bearing Co,ltd (杭州诚信汽车轴承有限公司)
Hangzhou Trust Auto Bearing Co.,ltd. Is located in Yuanpu Industry Zone, Westlake District,Hangzhou. Hangzhou not only boasts the world famous beautiful scenery, but has high quality bearings as well. Hangzhou advocates perfection and exquisiteness while TBC pursues excellence and reliability; Hangzhou gives you a sense of happiness while TBC offers its clients a sense of safety. TBC specializes in auto clutch release bearings and belt tensioner pulley bearings. For the past over 10 years, the team under Mr. Chen Bingshun , founded of TBC , has developed 800 types of automobile bearings, which tops a “dark horse” in the industry ,boasts many achievements in scientific research and patent technologies. With rich experice, the team integrates its advanced management thinking , design concept and quality control into each working procedure and infuses its motto “ Creating Reliability and Transmitting Safety “ into each bearing. TBC now has an annual capacity of 4.0 million sets release bearings and 2 million sets of tensioner pulley bearings .TBC mainly targets at international markets with clients in countries and regions such as Europe, America, South Korea and Middle East . its high-grade and medium-grade products include OEM and 4S after –sale market .They can be applied to Japanese cars, American cars , European cars and Korean cars. TBC has the capacity to design , test and manufacture complete sets of OEM products with automatic tensioner bearings as its main product. TBC can supply you High Quality bearing with Competitive Price, Timely Delivery. OEM quality tensioner bearings, TBC is the best choice. TBC would like to express its gratitude for your support and cooperation foe the previous years and is looking forward to your long-term and further cooperation.
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  • Shuangpu Industrial Estate Xihu District Hangzhou City ,Hangzhou ,Zhejiang
  • 1997-06-19
  • 830000
  • 20000
  • 9000
  • Factory
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Clutch release bearing, belt pulley bearing
Europe and America, Asia
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