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Members shall strictly follow the registration process set up by BSPECT website to finish the registration.


When choosing BSPECT member name, store name or domain name, members should comply with laws and regulations, and must not contain any information of illegal action, alleged violation of the rights of others or interference with the orderly BSPECT website operators and so on. The member name, once registered, cannot be modified.


BSPECT is entitled to reclaim the inactive account that meets all the following conditions:

a. Not audited by BSPECT.

b. Not log in BSPECT or its related websites for six months.

c. Not have effective business.


For members complying with any of the following circumstances, BSPECT has the right to unilaterally freeze the retained funds in his BSPECT account and request additional underfunded part:

a. With unfinished group buying.

b. With unfinished transaction or complaints.

c. With violations of BSPECT website agreement or rules.


Members must meet the following conditions before opening a store according to the process on BSPECT website.

a. Provide all the company related information and authorized documents required by BSPECT website.

b. Get the identification on BSPECT website and provide your own (including your corporate) real effective information.

c. Publicly display and disclosure real and effective information of company name, address and business license.


It is the basic obligation for the sellers to provide truthfully product description and take responsibility for quality assurance of their products. Truthfully product description refers to that sellers must truly, completely describe the product about its basic attributes, fineness, blemishes and other information on BSPECT website pages such as the product description page, store page and etc.


BSPECT will calculate the experience points, discount, etc. for members and stores according to the transactions conducted by the user and the store on BSPECT website. And BSPECT website can adjust the calculating method based on needs but this adjustment does not affect the experience points, discount, etc.


Particular illustration:

a. The purchaser and supplier of the transaction, once being found making transactions about products that are not allowed by BSPECT, shall not be able to use service and they shall take all the responsibility for the consequence caused thereof.

b. In case of malicious purchase, arbitrage, cash, etc., BSPECT has the right to take actions including but not limited to freezing the implementation of registered accounts and freezing the balance of that registered account.

c. BSPECT has the right to decide which products to sell on BSPECT website, and to remove the products that are not allowed off shelves and refuse approval, etc. And BSPECT does not have any obligation to save product-related information.

745 pcs
Oilless bearing FB3550
Tapered roller bearing JM205149/205110
Rotary Table Bearing YRT1030
Clutch release bearing for ISUZU, MITSUBISHI,SUBARU
Bearing 61905-ZZ